Our Products

          We produce real leather products with premium quality, paying attention to all details. We offer leather products in many patterns and designs whether it’s leather lady’s handbags, belts, wallets, or accessories having over 50 choices of colors. Anyway, you could review products at our shop either.

Crocodile Leather

          King of genuine leather “We will not talk about it like” Crocodile leather” is a category of Exotic leather. The highest Value is the Crocodile Belly, Crocodile thornback or Crocodile Backstrap in all areas. All Crocodile skin are worth, and each part can be produced and sewed according to the type of product that is needed, such as in the abdomen. Which has the highest Value of every part. Luxury crocodile leather product in our country are mostly freshwater crocodiles rather than saltwater crocodiles The price of crocodile leather depends on the unique pattern, integrity, integrity and what is the shape of the sewing design on the crocodile skin pattern, making the Exotic Skin type leather like crocodile leather the highest values all among leather goods.

Tanning Skins with Advanced Technology.

          Once the crocodile skins are approved by the selection process, they go into the tanning process. The tanning process utilizes advanced tanning technology and the best tanning chemicals, under international standards and quality control. Therefore, theskins are durable and resistant against external factors but flexible and look naturally. The tanning process improves the appearance of crocodile skins to looks more fashionable and more attractive to use on any occasions.

Taking Attentive Care to All Sewing Process.

          During sewing process, our skillful craftsmen specializing in sewing crocodile skin especially take complete responsible for sewing the skins because unlike other animal leather, crocodile skin has a lot more details to concentrate on. As a result, sewing process must be done with attentive care in order to achieve the highest quality products.

Skin Selection for Manufacturing.

          Crocodile skins qualified and approved from the selection process will be checked thoroughly whether each part of them has scars or scratches on the belly or not. Only the skin of the belly with no scars or scratches will be used; additionally, the distinctive features must be outstanding and represent natural looks with no damage.Consequently, it would lead to the creation of the highest quality leather.

Freshwater Crocodile

          Freshwater crocodile, Marshes crocodiles, Siamese crocodiles or freshwater crocodile Thai species, originated in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Kalimantan, Java .They are medium size crocodile (3-4 meter) .Fry flake have a reproductive age at the age of 10-12 year. These crocodile lay 20-48 eggs at a time, with an incubation period of 68-85 days . They begin to lay eggs during the beginning of the rainy season about on May by digging holes in the sand by river about use 80 days, and eat like alone.

Saltwater Crocodile

          Saltwater crocodile or freshwater crocodile, brackish water are large reptiles in the crocodile genus, In the circle Crocodylidae is one of the three crocodile that can be found in Thailand (the other two are freshwater crocodile and gorillas) The difference is that the pair of legs are stronger than the front legs, and only a finger has a membrane between the fingers, rather than the freshwater crocodile There is no clear 4 scales at the occipital length clearly than freshwater crocodiles, with small ridges extending from the eye to the length of the head to the position of the nose button. Also known as the color of the body. The body is light yellow or white, and the body of the tail looks like a tartan. The male is longer then the female, but the body of the male is thin. But overall body size than the female is smaller than the distance of each other face to face and protruding eyes is wider than the rear view of the male bastion short female head look long and slender.

Leather craft tools kit

  • Lacing Chisels
  • Edge Tool
  • Thread
  • Harness Needles Size:Large
  • Hole Punch
  • Tapered Tailors AWL
  • Gouge
  • Ruler, L Square Ruler
  • Pro Stitch Groover
  • Round AWL
  • Diamond AWL
  • LC French Edger
  • Hammer
  • Wooden Slicker
  • Wax For Leather
  • Overstitch
  • Swivel Knife
  • Edge Sli